Sample photo from the Nokia 9 PureView

One of the trends where the company phones to improve photography is to increase the number of cameras, so finally Nokia 9 PureView to the total of 5 cameras in the background.

Rather than provide a wide lens to photograph the big scene, or providing a lens to enhance the imaging capabilities without decreasing the quality, features Nokia 9 lens colors normal protein and 3 lenses monochrome.

Cameras Nokia 9 working to gather the largest possible amount of light, this means high accuracy and clear images at night, as Says camera sensor time-of-flight to be on the scene the three dimensions to the promotion details, the depth of the scene such as the exchange of different areas in turn, shape and depth of Shadows, and also the effect of Booker (image Porter) is a better alternative than the sensor depth normal.

All the cameras accurately 12 maps the aperture f/1.8 and at the same time where they are processing 5 image to produce a final image of high dynamic as we observe in the sample of the official photo, which focused on the landscape, knowing that the audio samples below include a photo informal.

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