Samsung acquires companies to improve the approximation in the dual cameras

Became dual cameras are a major part of smartphones today, and because photography is one of the most use, its image quality is a critical factor in the decision SPV, Samsung intends to improvement of image quality for their cameras through the acquisition of a development company lens zoom optical characteristic.

Sources revealed informed that the company Samsung acquired the Israeli police Corephotonics specialized with cameras in the amount of $ 155 million. Among the most prominent products of the company of a Hummingbird who is working on the integration of several broad with a telephoto lens telephoto is digital gives a better picture set to create the effect of optical zoom mechanical.

The company was founded in 2012 and managed to attract major investors including arm, Samsung investment Add company MediaTek and Foxconn. Already two companies worked together two years ago through the use of algorithms zoom effect bokeh effects in the units of imaging phones Samsung.

The company developed zoom lens for the company for OPPO, which allows five levels of zoom without compromising on quality, as that technology is available today in 300 million phones from the different companies in the market.

It is expected to continue war cameras this year where Nokia to launch phone with five lenses, as well as developed Google special algorithms to deal with images in low light, and used Samsung technology aperture changing her phone Galaxy S-9.

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