Samsung adds support for more languages in its digital assistant Bixby


Frequency a few weeks ago that the company Samsung will expand the list of languages supported by her assistant digital Bixby. After the event, which announced the Samsung series of phones Galaxy S10 Series, the company apparently sends the changes to her assistant digital Bixby from its own servers to support more languages in the course of its digital.

Samsung launched an important update to the digital assistant Bixby with the phone Galaxy Note 9. This tablet phone has brought with it the 2.0 version of the digital assistant Bixby, a version that did not bring with it only a new user interface, but it also brought with it new complementarities and add support for more languages in the demo version, it is among the languages that have been tested in order to support its future in Bixby, mention French, Italian, Spanish and German. These are some of the languages most prevalent in all over the world, so will users will certainly see their languages are supported by Bixby.

Users can Bixby now find these new languages in the digital assistant on the spot. Indicates list of supported languages to German, Spanish and Italian. Still Samsung is aware of the French language on it is under test but it is supported nonetheless.

Doesn’t seem that he was issued a new update to the digital assistant Bixby, suggesting that it was adding support for additional languages by the company’s servers. Before concluding, We would like to point out that the digital assistant Bixby already supports the language of South Korean, Mandarin in addition to English.


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