Samsung allowed to add electronic passport in their smartphones

With smart phones a big part of things familiar to us moved into the digital space. Telephone directories, photographs, calculators, calendars, diaries and credit cards – all this and more can accommodate devices that fit in a pants pocket. Even the boarding passes for the plane is now stored in a virtual wallet which is installed on the smartphone, which greatly simplifies pre-event. That the documents still have to wear in their physical form. As they say, how long?

The digitization of smartphones becoming a reality

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Samsung has introduced the eID interface, which will allow you to save brand smartphone brand digital copies of their IDs. Thanks to him, users will be able to pass the verification without using physical documents.

The digitization of the smartphone

Thanks to digitization of documents here these scans will remain in the past

The eID system is based on NFC technology. It allows your smartphone to scan the ID card with embedded RFID and correctly recognize, preserving in memory. It will then be sent for review to the competent authorities, and only after that the digital copy will become available.

For the presentation of certificates will be required to just touch the smartphone to the reader, which typically is located on the turnstiles or in the form of a compact scanner is in the hands of the customs officer.

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For security purposes, all documents digitized with eID will be stored on the device in encrypted form, and the reader will only receive a token with the recorded set of information. Thus to intercept sensitive data is likely to be impossible.

But since not all Samsung smartphones have a protected vault, eID will work only on new devices of the brand, starting with the Galaxy S20. This is due to the fact that only this model is fitted with a special chip that forms inside the vault is a separate space, which is impossible to hack.

The safest Samsung

Since the document is stored on the device in encrypted form, it is logical that just like to look at it — as we look in the passport — will be impossible. For this reason, to produce such a document, for example, a policeman on the street you won’t be able. But eID is not required. The purpose of the system of digitization of documents from Samsung is to facilitate the process of boarding the plane or crossing the border when messing with documents quite well, not with his hands.

Simply touch the smartphone to the reader and to cross the border

Run eID in different countries will gradually. The first country where the new system became available, was Germany. There Samsung has already passed the necessary tests and received the quality certificate, which allowed her to engage in the digitization of documents, which can then be used for identity verification.

Then it is planned to obtain the same permission in all the countries of Europe that should not be difficult, considering that the system meets Samsung eIDAS. This is a common standard for the digitization of documents used in the European Union and, therefore, problems with certification should not occur.

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Whether eID is available in Russia, while difficult to say, but because we have long made the release of documents that contain RFID chips certified by ICAO (international civil aviation organization), is nothing impossible in this. For eID this should be enough, and the Russian customs authorities (and others also) don’t have to introduce new standards for verification of documents, taking advantage of existing infrastructure. It only takes a little bit to adjust the documentation governing the digitization of documents, and strive in the future.

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