Samsung allows to customize the button to earn in the S10 adds new languages don’t

سامسونج تتيح تخصيص زر بكسبي في S10 وتضيف لغات جديدة له

Samsung has announced series phones Galaxy S10 with the phone by folding during a major conference held yesterday, and while it has announced many new features and additions, some appear with use, although the company didn’t talk about it at the conference.

Unusually with button voice assistant to earn my own company, have allowed the company in a series of S10 re-allocate the button to the other orders; in the sense that the user can change from run the Audio Plugin to run various application, where the user can specify the application to be basic, and then once pressing the side button will open the app instead of the voice assistant. According to the website The Verge, this feature can add Samsung to the identity of its previous campaign button audio plugin with the next update of the system.

On the other hand, became assistant Samsung voice smarter than before, where it became learn and understand British English, and German, and Italian, as well as basic Spanish in Spain – means that it does not include Spanish in the Latin countries.

The Bixby supports three languages in the last period, the existence of American English, with Korean being the language of the country of the region, as well as Mandarin Chinese, a language the three major markets the Samsung Grand. But as is obvious, still a lot of work waiting for Samsung to make her voice to gain a suitable strong Assistant Google Assistant Siri from Apple.

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