Samsung allows users to customize the button to Bixby to get apps on Galaxy S10

According to the website The Verge, will Samsung users phones Galaxy S10 using the button Bixby open any application they want, where the company added settings allow you to customize the button to do the task miss its previous tasks.

You’ll be able to set the button Bixby open any application belonging to the second party by pressing the button once or twice, and therefore, the second option will lead you to the assistant Bixby. For example, if you choose to open the application Instagram or Google or Spotify of the way pressing once on the button, then press twice to run the assistant Bixby. In both cases, if you press and hold on the button, it will open the assistant Bixby, regardless.

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Thus, Samsung has addressed one of the most problems that faced the users with the custom button to a handler default. But unfortunately, this function is not available on phones Galaxy S9 or Note 9 of last year after, in spite of her access to the updated Android 9 Pie and One UI.

Anyway, if Samsung has supplied a range S9 job, it is supposed to reach through future updates to the assistant Bixby.


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