Samsung allows you to find lost phones even if they are not connected to the Internet

Samsung allows finding lost phones even if they are not connected to the internet - Find My Mobile

Samsung's Find My Mobile feature has got an important update that allows the user to find his lost or stolen phone and track it even if it is not connected to the internet, whether via Wi-Fi or data.

The feature now depends on other Samsung Galaxy devices surrounding your lost device, and the feature has been activated on them to help you conduct a peripheral scan, and if your device is found, a report is sent with the exact geographical location.

Any device from the Korean company can assist in the search process, and not only smartphones, but even tablets, smart watches and wireless headphones.

This means if your phone is lost or stolen in a crowded place with the various Samsung devices that have enabled the Find My Mobile feature, you will most likely be able to access it, unless it is completely turned off.

It is worth noting that update number is sent from the application, which enables this feature and needs to be activated manually.



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