Samsung already knows what is going to poach iPhone users in the next year

Samsung Electronics is working on a number of breakthrough technologies, which intends to implement the flagship smartphones of the Galaxy series of 2019. It is reported Bloomberg citing sources close to the manufacturer plans. The latest decision will allow Samsung devices to be aggressive competition flagship iPhone models unveiled in September, and attract the attention of fans of other brands producing advanced smartphones with relatively low prices.

One of the technologies, the implementation of which Samsung engineers will be 5G. Support for fifth generation networks will provide smartphones Koreans high speed Internet connection, but given the complexity of the implementation, could negatively affect their retail prices. So, explain the interlocutors Bloomberg, Samsung is considering the possibility of equipping 5G modem only the most top-end and expensive version.

The fingerprint scanner in the display

The second technological innovation that are scheduled for a Galaxy S10, display the fingerprint scanner on the implementation of which the company runs itself. As explained by sources to Bloomberg, Samsung did not want to be like the Chinese vendors, ready to introduce own scan method, devoid of the disadvantages such as slow reading or erroneous operation. This technology though complex but can occur in high and medium versions, which should become the analogues of the iPhone XS and XS Max.

A small note: display the fingerprint scanner will not get a foldable Galaxy X due to the peculiarities of production technology of its display. Furthermore, says Samsung, foldable design, allowing to increase the useful area of the display to 7 inches with just a pull on innovation, for which the consumers want to purchase a new product.

Available Galaxy S10

But the distinctive feature of the youngest Galaxy S10 (all will be at least 3 models) would be the lack of iconic technology and affordable price. The interlocutors assured Bloomberg that Samsung will complement the easiest flagship flat die without a built-in scanner, double, not triple camera, and perhaps more weak “iron”. Because of this, the manufacturer can sell the device in the range of 550-600 dollars, having won market share from the iPhone XR.

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