Samsung and LG are developing the screens of mobile smart phones

The smart phone has become able to do everything now! So that you can move between watching movies, videos browsing social networking to accomplish some clerical work, but always there remain barriers to trade perfect and effective smart phone that it protects the cable resources of the haptic is small and because its screen is very small!

Convert your smartphone to a computer!

Technology companies have promised for it early and tried to provide solutions to users allows them to exploit the power of their phones on state by connecting the phones screen and then use it like a small computer! Here, we find that Google has launched feature to Desktop Mode in Android 10 as Samsung has introduced the feature of DeX own, in addition to LG, which provided the option is also similar, but there’s still a problem, do you notice it?

Yes exactly, the problem is in the screen itself that will connect to your smartphone! You need that screen you may have in your home or office to connect your phone to the network, there will first be used your laptop.! Here we find that both Samsung and LG are developing an excellent solution to this problem.

Screen DeXbook Samsung mobile

Samsung is reportedly currently deployed Development screen laptop led 14.1-inch and accurately QHD cards huge with a capacity of 10,000 mAh which would increase less than 1 kg! So he carried her it would be very easy to use and it will be possible everywhere! Also you can connect your phone to the network using Bluetooth as well as connect the mouse cable resources to improve on the experience of the computer integrated! Screen Samsung that you will get the DeXbook will come at a price ranging between 340 and 420 USD.

Screen Cloud Top LG Mobile

As for LG they are developing alternative name Cloud Top, which would be similar to what we’ll see from Samsung, but with a smaller battery with a capacity of 5000mAh! But it will be characterized as coming with a weight of 600 grams only! And the two screens they will be -according to sources – in availability in the second half of 2020!

Source: Gizmochina

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