Samsung and LG will be two ” strategy to hunt“, and will launch many new smart phones

LG G7 ThinQ

In order to reinvigorate the revenue flowing from sales of smart phones, I decided to both Samsung and LG adopt a strategy known as ” strategic hunting“, and this strategy in the context of the marketing that both companies will launch the largest possible number of new smartphones which will target the largest amount of possible consumers. Based on Statistics Foundation Analytics Analytics specialized in market research, has further reduced the market shares of both Samsung and LG in the first quarter of 2018 at the time doubled the Xiaomi market share, risen the sales of Huawei and Apple TV.

It has focused each of the two companies on series smart phones, high-end, where increased margins significantly compared to the smartphones available, low-cost, but that will change in the near future given that both companies of the two Koreas will launch two new phones in all categories-price existing, according to sources.

The company sold the Huawei up to six million units of phones Huawei P20 since its launch last June, this represents an increase of 81 percent compared to sales that claimed their phones Huawei P10 in the same period last year. Experiencing Huawei also successful in Japan and want to enter South Korea.

Phones Xiaomi Mi8 from the company Xiaomi is doing a great job also, they have been selling 1 million units of these phones in a matter of just 18 days. Installation sources the success of these phones in the high market share and they are especially popular in Europe and Asia.


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