Samsung and Microsoft expanded their partnership strategy for the Galaxy Note 10

Galaxy Note 10

After several years of close cooperation, Samsung and Microsoft are strengthening their partnership strategy in the right time to launch a series of phones Galaxy Note 10 Series. Will the two companies work together to provide solutions to the productivity series for smartphones, tablets and personal computers with applications and common services.

On this subject, the chief executive of the Department devices consumer at Samsung, Mr. DJ Koh said : ” cooperation is the key, such a partnership, leading in the sector with Microsoft, play an essential role in the creation of a new generation of experiments to try. We believe that the sector of mobile devices on the verge of control, a road which the interpretation of the individual devices experiences smooth and continuous, wherever we went “.

Starting from the Galaxy Note 10, will Samsung their customers an expanded list of applications and services Microsoft. Will Samsung and Microsoft also their efforts in the corporate sector by providing solutions to the companies which allow staff to access computers remotely.

In addition to the Office apps and OneDrive and Skype the current, Microsoft will also include the Outlook application in its mobile base with additional improvements for the digital pen S Pen. In addition, will be able to OneDrive is now to sync the Samsung Gallery original photo management easier across devices.

Building on the efforts of the seamless integration, Samsung will include the application to Your Phone from Microsoft on their new which allows to manage your notifications, text messages, photos in addition to mirroring the screen of your phone on the personal computer.

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