Samsung announced that it will represent one device for everything

Samsung made an official statement in which it notes that it in the first half of August 2018 will be announced one device “for all”.

Samsung made an official announcement concerning its new flagship Galaxy, which will be released soon:

August 9 in new York, Samsung Electronics will introduce a device that will allow you to make the most out of what you always do. A new addition to the premium lineup of Galaxy family has been optimized from the inside to support the [needs] of the users in their busy lives, with the technology, raising the bar the power of a smartphone, [his] performance and speed. Together, these improvements make the new flagship of Samsung most powerful at the time [of his debut] and the only device that you need to [tasks] work, games and everything [else] in between.

Galaxy Note 9 — device for work and play

Troika Florin (Florin Troaca) in the published resource note, viewing a new message, the market leader in smart phones, notes an interesting detail — Samsung did not specify a name to its upcoming flagship phone. But today, presumably already know that the new Galaxy Note will be supported by the S Pen stylus from Samsung. Since the novelty will be the successor to the Galaxy Note 8, released in 2017, with high probability to assume that the official name of the new mobile device will be the Galaxy Note 9, as, indeed, is today. Because many users are waiting for the debut of the next Samsung smartphone with big screen and stylus, specific to the line of Galaxy Note — one of the most popular in the history of the industry.

As the device Galaxy Note, which was released in the past, the Galaxy Note 9 suitable for work and play and important role plays support smartphone stylus S Pen expands the functionality of the flagship and allows you to do something that is impossible to implement on phones, deprived of support stylus.

To find out whether the new Galaxy Note is the device that will be suitable for work and for gaming and for everything else, which usually expect from a variety of smart phones, users will be able very soon.

To discuss the upcoming release of the Galaxy Note 9 Samsung readers in the Telegram chat.

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