Samsung announces a new sensor that is able to record videos slow motion Full HD fast 480fps

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Regardless of the rumors, the phone Galaxy S8 is able to record videos Full HD at 60 frames per second, the same thing applies to the Galaxy Note 8. However, this would change in the near future because we heard the recent rumors that the Galaxy S9 will come with the capabilities of the best when it comes to the export video slow, and this already is looking forward to it all.

Having said that, it has Samsung today slide the curtain officially unveiled a new sensor for cameras of smart phones named Samsung ISOCELL Bright Fast Readout Sensor, which sensor is triple layered, which has the ability to record videos Full HD at a speed of 480 frames per second, although it is still not known how long can this sensor cause this precision in this speed. For the sensor Sony Motion Eye of Sony, he is able to sneak at a speed of 960 fps, but HD less than five seconds. Most likely, this will give an advantage to Samsung, which would be sensor new able to export 720p fast 240 frames per second for a period longer than the sensor Sony.

Sensor new announced by Samsung today also powered technology Tetracell that integrate the pixels of small size, which with a size of 0.9 µm to improve the sensitivity in conditions where lighting is low. Furthermore, this sensor also supports other technologies as good as Dual Pixel AF and Super Phase Detection, but generally this sensor is aimed at the more smart phones slim, rather than high-end smartphones.

We suspect that Samsung will use this sensor slim in phones Galaxy S9 and +Galaxy S9, chances are that it will be something with the pixels larger but similar design consisting of three layers.


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