Samsung announces her computer tablet huge Galaxy View 2

Announced Samsung today officially Thursday, but in an indirect way for the third generation of her computer tablet huge “Galaxy View 2” Galaxy View 2, after nearly four years of the launch of the first generation.

The announcement came on the situation – who works computer and at the same time – through the telecommunications company of America “no & T” AT&T published a video through its channel official on Twitter review specifications “Galaxy View 2”, which requires, in respect of the design, with a swarm two days ago.

Say “Galaxy View 2” screen measuring 17.3 inches; compared to Part One, which was its screen measuring 18.4 inches, and accurately 1920×1080 pixels. The device also has four loudspeakers with “Dolby Atmos sound” Dolby Atmos Sound.

As the case, which is running the Android platform, with its battery that has a capacity of 12,000 Ma/H, which includes random access memory “RAM” size of 3 GB, and internal storage capacity of 64 GB expandable up to 400 GB.

Supports bus networks fourth generation 4G LTE. Can front camera 5-megapixel. As for the price, will be provided by company AT&T customers, compared to 37 $ for 20 months, which means that the price situation will remain about 740$. That is available for sale as of tomorrow, Friday.

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سامسونج تعلن عن حاسبها اللوحي الضخم Galaxy View 2Samsung announces her computer tablet huge Galaxy View 2

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