Samsung announces OLED screen unbreakable and stronger than glass Gorilla Glass 6

Display and Samsung Display, which is the arm responsible for the production of the screens I have a Samsung, months before screen for smartphones with a long-awaited vacation, it is not unbreakable. As the company disclosed a display value of 6.2 inches and accurately 1440×2960 pixels with the design of the plastic in full knowledge of the SID DisplayWeek in May of this year.

Today, Samsung has announced that the display screen is not breakable OLED’ve now got the approval from Underwriters Laboratories, a testing company official of the Department of occupational safety and health in the U.S. Department of labor.

It can be used OLED screen non-breakable smartphone in addition to other electronic products including plates, platforms, cars, gaming devices, laptops, tablets, and the military mobile.

But what makes this new screen from Samsung unbreakable? Can The Secret in that company use the special material adheres to the safe screen OLED flexible screen compared to the OLED current, which cover glass, which can be achieved if strongly influenced.

Demonstrated testing company UL that the screen came out intact without any damage of the test the fall of the streak from a height of 1.8 metres, as it survived the drop test from a height of 1.2 metres for more than 26 times in a row, managed to pass the test of high temperature above 71 ° C Low below 32 degrees Celsius below zero.

This potential can say that the Samsung’s screen is Non-breakable a new stronger and more durable than glass Gorilla Glass 6 that has been announced newly.

But the question remains, when will we see such a screen in a smartphone commercial? Likely to come to this screen with the first smartphone with folding screen from Samsung is scheduled to launch in the next year.

Do you think that such a screen would be practical in real life circumstances? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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