Samsung announces the demo version of the interface, One UI 2.0 for Galaxy S10

Announced the Korean giant today announced the payment of a demo version of the update UI One UI 2.0 which is based on the operating system landed 10 for each of the Galaxy S10, the Galaxy S10 Plus and also the S10e and Galaxy S10 5G.

The company paid Google the hard version of the operating system landed 10 phones Pixel almost a month ago, and today start Samsung in the paid version the demo of the new UI One UI 2.0, which comes with a set of possible states of the Galaxy series S10.

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New features in the demo version of the interface, One UI 2.0 system and landed 10

  • Clear interface supports the user to experience smooth, fast, with fewer pop-up windows, built-in indicators show the download progress, with a simplified order of buttons in fact, as notifications are turned less space in the screen to support the experience of flow.
  • Interface and a smarter design to experience the visible supports the user with a comfortable experience, with improvements in the style of Al dark, which works to adjust the brightness in the images, text and colors with the consumption of less battery.
  • Screen lock smart works to adjust the colors, and the previous notices, to support the user to view clear text and icons in the screen.
  • Style Focus which supports the employment of the provisional applications to support the user to focus on the application of the or follow-up time spent using an app, or time management screen, as well as to enable the pattern of focus to avoid confusion or inconvenience.
  • List to support the user in the quick access for the main tasks in the phone, with the possibility of improving some of the nurses independently for better control, including the ability to delete duplicate images for example.

Recall that Samsung has not yet identified the areas that will be available in the demo version of the updated interface, One UI 2.0 which is based on the operating system Andorid 10, except that the update will be available for certain users phones Galaxy S10 in South Korea at first, and then the United Kingdom and the United States, as applied later to some European countries.

As revealing as the Samsung later also for the list versions of the company of smartphones scheduled to be paid update Android 10 during the next period.

How you can join in the experience of the demo version of UPDATE One UI 2.0 slandering a 10?

  • Download application Samsung Members store Galaxy or Google Play Store
  • After login in the app the user can reach the tab Notices and then choose the “One UI Beta Program Registration” to send a request to join to.
  • At the end of the registration the user will have reached settings, and then choose Software Update, including the to select Download and install the software, start download the demo version directly.


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