Samsung announces the internal memory of the new smart phones with a capacity of 1 TB as advertised +Galaxy S10


Samsung announced today about the first memory of the eUFS 2.1 with a capacity of 1 TB in the world. Have entered these chips already mass production stage, so we can expect the use of memory chip this in the next generation of flagship smartphones of the company Samsung, is likely to be +Galaxy S10 is the first phone that uses a memory chip.

The memory chip of the new the Samsung company has a capacity of 1 TB, despite the fact that they have the same dimensions of the memory chip current amounting to a capacity of 512GB. Samsung has do this thanks to its ability to integrate 16 a layer of memory V-NAND on top of each other. It should be noted that Samsung managed to improve the aspect of travel also.

Featuring a memory chip new fast sequential read up to 1000 MB per second, the speed of writing sequential 260 MB per second. For comparison, the self SSD SATA core has a speed of reading up to 540 megabytes per second, that is impressive. In comparison with the memory chip current, which has a capacity of 512GB, it has increased the speed of reading random chip new memory that has a capacity of 1 TB by 38 percent. Generally, here below is a simple table that compares the memory chips internal of the different performance :

MemoryReading successiveWriting successiveRandom readWrite random
1TB eUFS 2.11000 MB/s260 MB/s58000 IOPS50000 IOPS
512GB eUFS 2.1860 MB/s255 MB/s42000 IOPS40000 IOPS
256GB UFS Card530 MB/s170 MB/s400000 IOPS35000 IOPS
256 eUFS 2.0850 MB/s260 MB/s45000 IOPS40000 IOPS
128GB eUFS 2.0300 MB/s150 MB/s19000 IOPS14000 IOPS


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