Samsung announces three products for smart

Announced Samsung on Monday announced the launch of three new products specifically designed for the smart, which comes from (Smart Things) SmartThings: startup which was acquired in 2014.

Said the giant Consumer Electronics South Korean in a publication on her blog: the three products include the first camera (smart things Cam) SmartThings Cam, which is designed to help families monitor the important things that occur in the region.

Added Samsung: “the (smart things Cam) is the smartest way to monitor the home through monitoring features of at an acceptable price. And the camera between the details clear in the video 1080p and HDR; with advanced detection for things that senses movement intelligently at any moment.”

The company said: if the camera connected to the application of intelligent (smart things) that allows users to see what’s going on in the house at any time, from any location, and enables you to pay attention to certain things in a certain area, such as: strange movement in the children’s bedroom, or hop pet on the furniture when the absence of family members from home.

And features camera (smart things cam) capable of imaging at an angle of 145 degrees. It also has the possibility of recording 24 hours of video and store it on the service cloud for free, with the possibility of connecting up to 4 cameras. This; offer Samsung the possibility to record and store video for 30 days versus the $ 7.99 U.S. per month, or 79.99 USD per year, with the possibility of connecting up to 8 cameras.

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Besides the camera (smart things Cam), Samsung has launched a killer smartphone for wireless networks (smart things Wi-Fi Smart Plug) SmartThings Wifi Smart Plug, and the smart (smart things to the heart) SmartThings Bulb.

Samsung said: the lamp (Smart Things smart Bilbao) the costs for home lighting with warm white light, can make it dim, and controlled by the digital assistant.

It is indicated that the new devices available as of today at a price of 89.99 USD for a camera (smart things Cam), priced at 17.99 dollars a plug (smart things Wi-Fi Smart Plug-ins), priced at $ 9.99 for the Smart (Smart Things smart Bilbao).

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