Samsung announces TV, The Wall, Luxury led up to 292 inches and a resolution of 8K

سامسونج تعلن عن تلفزيون The Wall Luxury بقياس يصل 292 بوصة ودقة 8K

Samsung revealed on the screen of their new TV The Wall Luxury series of its high-end The Wall, but this time it was with the massive size and high accuracy too, where she’d be worth up to 292 inches and a resolution of up to 8K ultra-high definition, but with the option to get a screen of the same kind is strictly 2K and the size of 73 inches.

Comes screen Samsung TV new technology, Micro-LED which adds a pronounced higher than conventional because of the lighting units of the additional infinitesimal that they contain screen, and can reach 2,000 units have “Nate” Max.

The company says that its display will be available for sale next month, without specifying the price, but at the same time stressed its ability to work up to 100,000 hours, as mentioned it’s designed so you can work without interruption.

It is worth mentioning that this type of TV enjoy the benefits are different, so that the system of his work is similar to the game the installation of the boxes, the people have to choose the resolution they want from the 2K and even 8K and then choose the number of pieces to be mounted together on the wall to measurement and shape you want.

What is different about the way the process technology that Samsung unveiled for the first time at the beginning of the current year, you can follow the following video from the company:

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