Samsung announces TV, The Wall Luxury strictly 8K

Announced Samsung about to launch globally for “The Wall Luxury“, during the conference InfoComm 2019 in Orlando, Florida, which is the latest version of TV’s “The Wall”, which represents the TV MicroLED huge component according to the demand of modular LED screens small.

And the TV – which will be available starting next month – users a new level of viewing, it is guaranteed to be able to consumers experience the superior picture quality in their homes, as the accuracy of the new version 8K, comes size 292 inches from corner to corner.

Enjoy the “The Wall Luxury” highest accuracy compared to the models MicroLED previous Samsung, but it is also much more space, with a thickness of less than 30 millimeters, which makes it blends seamlessly with its surroundings.

The version of The Wall – which was introduced earlier at CES – a TV MicroLED 4K, the size of 75 inches, compared to this version which comes strictly 8k, and the size is 292 inches.

The MicroLED of Samsung as a technology modules together, which means they are configurable sizes and the beats are different, although you can increase the precision of the word discrimination, except that you can’t increase the accuracy of the individual units, but you can just add more pixels, using modules additional.

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And Samsung: the TV in The Wall Luxury classified under devices that work for 100 thousand hours of Use, and can achieve brightness up to 2000 nits, which is specially designed for environments sophisticated, and luxury housing.

And TV The Wall Luxury user interface and a new experience, as it provides a personalized user experience based on research in the lifestyles of target consumers and their preferences.

Provided with Samsung TV motorized picture quality backed artificial intelligence Quantum Processor the Flex, which provides improved image quality, so no matter what format the original source.

Depends engine the sound quality of the Quantum Processor Flex on the technique of machine learning, it analyzes millions of data of the image; to address the low fidelity of the original automatically, according to the screen resolution architectural.

Designed for the Samsung TV so don’t turn it off ever, it speaks to the number plate and fit the needs of the owner and temperament of the person, as when you are not used to the screen, the television would display a variety of artwork, including paintings; photographs; videos; and customizable with frames Digital – which suit the tastes of the home owner.

Recall that the Samsung did not announce the price of this TV yet, but estimates indicate that the price is more than $ 100 thousand.


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