Samsung apologized for the illnesses and deaths of their workers


The company Samsung is often at the center of scandals. In 2015, she was accused of hiring front of audience at the presentation of the Galaxy S6 flagship, and a year later their smartphone was considered the source of the fire in Singapore. All these problems seem insignificant compared to the fact that many factory workers Samsung are victims of deadly diseases. The company has finally admitted his guilt, apologized to the victims and signed the agreement on compensation.

The Samsung President Kim Ki-Nam apologized to all employees, patients, after working in the factories of the company. He acknowledged that they were unable to provide security at some of its plants. To somehow atone, the manufacturer has promised to pay each victim compensation in the amount of 130,000 dollars.

It is known that work in unsafe factories Samsung has become a cause of severe illness of about 240 people. They are mainly engaged in the production of semiconductors and liquid crystal displays. This was the cause of 16 types of cancer, multiple sclerosis, miscarriages and congenital abnormalities in children.

After signing the agreement held a press conference in which participated the father of one of the dead workers Samsung. In 2007, his son, who worked at the company’s plant, died of leukemia. The father refused to acknowledge his death until guilt is Samsung is proved. According to him, no compensation can cover the pain experienced by his family for 11 years.

What was the cause of the diseases is still unknown. The company refused to disclose the list of chemicals that are used on the grounds that it is a commercial secret. Thus in 2016 it was agreed to create a Committee to monitor safety at the plant.

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