Samsung available for phones unbreakable

The occurrence of the smartphone is featured to have everyone always leads to a broken screen quickly and the need to change what costs money and time. Samsung probably have found already to solve this problem, where I made OLED displays with the use of some type of plastic makes it unbreakable.

Revealed company Samsung constitutes the official it has reached the screen making Unbreakable with documented findings through one of the tests documented by the United States government to conduct tests on the products and give it a degree of quality and to ensure its performance.

Depends Research Center to conduct tests on the application of Special Warfare at the Pentagon, which means that it is possible to stop tests are extremely harsh and this is what actually happened.

And throwing to a distance of 1.2 meters but it is completely not affected even of aspects and affected with repeat the process 26 times in any form. Then the change of temperature between 71 ° and-32 ° were not affected by the screen also. And when you increase the height of the drop to 1.8 metres they are also not affected the screen in any form.

The resilience of the new screen in front of all these tests and not the fracture because of the screen OLED flexible with fortify it by plastic cardboard. Screen phones are generally dependent on glass cover strong, but he is crushed by show cracks when falling. Also according to Samsung fast you are using possesses the hardness and weight of the glass.

Best to smart phones it is possible to use a new Samsung screens in gaming platforms laptops, tablets, and certainly in the applications war. But anyway, we can expect the screens to the phones and Samsung products first to achieve the company maximum benefit from its new.

Samsung has released another phones Galaxy Note 9 in August, as the company intends to reveal a new phone next October in the event it seems that it will be unique which might be revealed through him from the company phone rollaway which took the rumors a lot during the last period, and that seems like a completely new series away from the chains of the current company.

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