Samsung began work on the development of technology allows you to control the TV using your brain

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Sounds control things with our minds like something out of science fiction movies, but it’s actually not a far-fetched idea. We have seen in the past how we can use our brains to move in wheelchairs, that is why we do not exclude the possibility to use our brains to learn in our television.

In fact, during its annual conference for developers SDC 2018, the Samsung revealed some of the media they work on software that could allow users to control their television sets using their brains. According to Samsung, it has started to work on this project for almost three months in collaboration with the Centre for Neurological Surgery in the school of Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland in order to allow people with disabilities to control their devices.

According to Mr. Ricardo Chavarriaga, a prominent scientist in the school of EPFL which also works on this project, it has stated by saying : ” How can we provide access for people who cannot talk or who have restrictions the utmost importance to their movements. We’re making technology more complex, more intelligent, but we must not forget that this technique is manufactured to deal with the humans “.

Samsung is not the only company that is trying to take advantage of technology to help teachers. Event during Netflix Hack Day, got some engineers in the Netflix technology TrueDepth in Apple devices modern to include the feature of eye tracking within the application of Netflix in order to allow persons with motor disabilities using the application without asking for the help of others.


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