Samsung begins mass production of computing devices 4K OLED in mid-February

Samsung announced the start of production Grand computers mobile possible size of 15.6-inch quality of the 4K display in the OLED screens, the which first appeared at CES the year 2019.


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Samsung revealed during the events of CES about the need of new computers mobile possible screen OLED size of 15.6-inch quality of the 4K display, today to learn Korean giant about its plans to start the production Massive of these devices in the middle of February next.

It is estimated that these devices come with the highest specifications in top color, with the performance of the fast, as it comes during the month of February a host of other laptops like the HP Spectre X360 15, the وRazer Blade, which was also announced at CES.

Recall that the possible versions of the quality of a 4K display in the OLED screen size of 15.6 ins of laptops is still limited even now, so we expect the technology to Samsung in Idea the killer of laptops, which come with a brightness of 600 nits, as it supports higher availability in colors.


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