Samsung begins production of chip 7LPP with the manufacture of EUV resists

This theme Samsung begins production of chip 7LPP with the manufacture of EUV resists appeared on Engadget.

Samsung has started recently in the production of chip processor system EUV resists which are characterized by Strictly manufacturing 7 nm with the technique LPP to save energy.


Samsung announced in September of last year for the start of the development of the processor chip 7LPP, designed by the manufacture of EUV resists, where he was scheduled to start production of these chips in the second half of 2018.

Indeed, Samsung began recently in the production of chips 7LPP that come with the manufacturing of EUV resists-new from the company with the accuracy of manufacturing of 7 nm and energy saving LPP.

Confirms Samsung that the technique of manufacturing the new EUV resists support the empowerment of more components inside the chip with the aim of producing chips provide the efficiency standards higher with the consumption of less energy.

Also the system uses the manufacturing of EUV resists new wave of radiation of 13.5 nm, i.e., less than system laser ArF excimer currently used, and that the system of manufacturing, EUV resists need to Channel One does not allow access by radiation to activate the layer of the silicon chip, which unlike the technique of manufacturing ArF that you need to up to 4 masks to manufacture the same layer of a silicon chip.


Any to manufacturing technique Samsung used in the chip 7LPP been cut masks that are used by 20%, How come the technique of the manufacture of printing EUV resists improvements to support higher performance, with the consumption of less energy and the design of the smaller chip.

It also differs from the version of the new Samsung 7LPP from the previous version FinFET possible to accurately manufacture 10 nm, where the chip 7LPP design less complex with smaller size offers 40% more, with a performance higher by 20% and energy saving by 50%.


This theme Samsung begins production of chip 7LPP with the manufacture of EUV resists appeared on Engadget.

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