Samsung believes that sales of the Galaxy S9 was low because Chinese companies

Record the Samsung the slowest growth in quarterly profit in more than a year, according to financial results announced today, Tuesday, which didn’t work Galaxy S9 in achieving sales expected with the intensification of competition, which raised doubts about the capacity of the Korean company to retain the value of the smart phone market.

Samsung said that its operating profit from the mobile phone sector recorded the highest rate of decline since the first quarter of 2017, and the reason for that increasing the pressure of the profit margin that companies have to the Chinese competition.

Believes the Korean company it will be unable to return to their former glory in the mobile phones its quick, attributed the reason to the competition, amid fears that the company is no longer able to innovation in its phones leading.

And Samsung hopes to flip phones that are available to be point type the following in the smartphone market. After having announced the Samsung Display in the past week that the screen is Non-breakable-tested safety in the United States and is a major step towards the launch of the product for phones collapsible.

It should be noted that several reports attributed the cause of the acceleration of the Samsung announcement of the Galaxy Note9 to 9 August next to the low sales of the Samsung Galaxy S9.

What do you think do you think that the Samsung started to decline and will not be dominating the smartphone market? Let me know in the comments.

The Samsung think that sales of the Galaxy S9 was low because Chinese companies have been published first in are.

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