Samsung beyond Apple and become the third largest manufacturer of processors in the world

According to a new report released by the Yonhap News Agency Samsung has infringed Apple began in the prospect ranks second as the largest factory slide your smartphone including products and services, according to the new season now controlled 14.1% of this market in the growth of the estimated 2.2 compared to the previous year.

As for Apple, lost about 0.5% of the same market to become a Christian now at 13.1% only, the report also indicates that Miss Samsung has came from increased sales of the giant Korean in North America and India.

If you don’t know focus is the most important player and the strongest in this market is estimated at 33.4% of market share in compared to 24.6% of the company MediaTek in this way, the arrangement at present is:

1 – Qualcomm
2 – Midian
3 – Samsung
4 – Apple

What do you think? And do you have a Samsung phone with Exynos processor is? We shared right now in the comments..

Source: Beebom

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