Samsung: bookings of the Galaxy Fold start tomorrow

The company said the Samsung the persons interested in purchasing a copy of her phone rollaway who register through its website in order to get additional information about the Galaxy Fold, they will be able to pre order next week.

She explained the South Korean company they will send out on tomorrow, Friday, April 12, two weeks before the official launch of the device, invitations to those people to allow them to book their place in the queue of the default.

This represents the persons ability to be the first to buy the phone $ 1980 USD.

It is supposed to start pre-orders on Monday, April 15, on to ship Samsung’s first batch of phones supporting 4G LTE with a storage capacity of 512 GB for the owners of pre-orders on April 26.

The Samsung has revealed her phone rollaway Galaxy Fold and smart supporting networks of the fifth generation Galaxy S10 5G at the event Unpacked in the month of February.

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The phone by folding one of the first flip phones that are released in the market, which is a milestone in the mobile technology, because it allows users to use the device as a phone smart, traditional and tablets at the same time.

Separately, it said Samsung the pre-orders for its supportive network of the fifth generation Galaxy S10 5G will start soon, and promised to deliver it to customers by the month of May, without having to know about the prices of the United States to introduce discriminatory 256 GB and 512 GB.

The cost of this machine in stores, the South Korean is about $ 1200 USD for the 256 GB, and 1350 USD for 512 GB.

It uses the Galaxy Fold external display measuring 4.6 inches to convert it to a tablet Mini with screen indoor flexible LED 7.3 inches, while the Galaxy S10 5G smartphone traditionally great with screen $ 6.7 inch, the ability to connect to the fifth generation, four cameras background and two front.

And consumers in the recent period about buy expensive devices that don’t offer significant changes in comparison with the devices that they own currently, the Galaxy Fold is a good example of a place that’s trending in technology and how can device makers to change the phones to make them more attractive to buyers.

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