Samsung breathing down their selves DRAM Class 10 nano-meters built on the technology of ultra volt

سامسونج تتنج أولى ذواكر DRAM فئة 10 نانو متر مبنية على تقنية ألترا فولت

Samsung announced industry-leading memory globally for the shipping of its first million-chip memory 10 nm DDR4 memory built on the technology of ultra Volt; which would give a marked improvement on the performance of the random access memory in a tangible and realistic.

The company says on their blog where they announced this success as the production of a ram the DRAM based on the technique of ultra volt EUV resists, they demonstrate the extent of its commitment to innovation and confidence in the solutions their selves DRAM support its customers in the field of information technology around the world.

The Samsung that the technique of EUV resists will be present in the process of manufacturing future generations of our selves DRAM for the future; the beginning of a class that is declared within 10 nm D1a and the top of the category of 14 nm.

The company expects to start production of the extended tour DDR5 and LPDDR5 during the next year where it will double production capacity and will focus its cooperation with clients of the pioneers of Information Technology and suppliers of semiconductors to increase and improve the standard specifications of the chip in the next generation DDR5/LPDDR5 and the provision of in market travel required.



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