Samsung bring one of the main features in the phones iPhone to her phone the next Galaxy S11

More leaks and details about the version of the Korean giant’s next flagship phones, the Galaxy S11, where indicated, a new forecast today that Samsung is planning to bring key feature of phones and iPhone for phones Galaxy S11 coming.

Confirmed the latest leaks today that Samsung has identified the final design of the Galaxy S11, as indicated by the leaks that Samsung would sensor ToF in each camera to improve the performance of facial recognition technology.

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In the time that I went where a lot of smartphone manufacturers to share technology sensor fingerprint built-in screen, I made the Apple bearing another phone iPhone X, where he focused Apple on the development of facial recognition technology to assess the performance of the best phones the iPhone.

Today confirm the latest leaks that Samsung will continue in the footsteps of Apple in the development of facial recognition technology in here its next Galaxy S11.

He revealed Max Weinbac from the developers of XDA for the application of the New developed Samsung know application Face Service, which emphasizes the plans of Samsung to develop facial recognition technology, where it is expected that Samsung offers a new technique in the two versions of the series phones Galaxy S11 coming.

Recall that the facial recognition technology provided by some manufacturers for landed previously, but without sensor 3D possible for the entire Control Face ID with Apple, except that the sensor 3D began to emerge recently in the versions of Huawei Share, also ahead of Google in the phone Pixel 4 is expected to go further east and later to adopt this technique.


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