Samsung browser “Internet Browser” is now called Turn Off The Automatic video and more

متصفّح سامسونج "Internet Browser" يدعم الآن إيقاف تشغيل الفيديو التلقائي وأكثر

Earlier this month, Samsung launched the beta version of the browser by Internet Browser on Android, adding the center signal with a rename to home screen shortcuts, as well as some additional elements, now there is a trial version of another browser coming with new feature and functions at the same time, through which you can prevent the playback of video clips automatically.

Where there are a lot of sites that offer the videos to autoplay a hidden and disturbing, but it has become the browser now includes a changeover will lead to put an end to them, so that you can find in the section “useful features” in the settings it seems to do a good job to protect you from the content of the video is junk.

Unfortunately, there is no more settings exact for each location, but it is better to disable everything, and if you want to watch a particular video, simply click on it to run it.

And in the same place, you’ll also find an option to turn on the function scan the QR code, so that if you click the URL bar and the cursor in it, will be a QR code on the right of the voice input button, click on it and the QR code reader open and helps you navigate to any Web page linked to, as well as there’s also a button to turn on the flash, if you need more light while reading at night.

Finally, as noted, comes these new features with the demo version Internet Browser, to make it scroll to the page of the store Google Play from here, or download a file the APK update from here.

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