Samsung browser Internet comes more new additions

Offers Samsung browser Internet “Samsung Internet” in support of the wider extensions but only on devices Galaxy.

متصفّح سامسونج إنترنت يأتي بالمزيد من الإضافات الجديدةSamsung browser Internet comes more new additions

It was the beginning of browser with Samsung with phones Galaxy only, and then made available officially for all Android devices regardless of the type of phone, and with this support it became the browser of one of the most popular applications on the Android platform, as well as having other reasons, for example its support of extensions and the time of the dark the real which is itself based on encases.

Turn got browser recently on the new update, however, added more plugins “extensions”, where in the past, supports the basic plugins to ban the content and add special assistant to the Amazon, and although ad blocking is one of the key use cases for add-ons, however, browsers such as Firefox and Kiwi support types the most powerful of plugins which can modify the contents of the page and change the behavior of the application.

Now, the latest version of Samsung’s internet on the availability of the preliminary with the WebExtensions, which is the standard that has been in the design of the extensions for Chrome and Firefox, this theoretically means, that Samsung Internet will work mostly with add-ons designed for Chrome Firefox and opera and other browsers.

However, there are a few of these plugins “number three” which are listed in the shop galaxy, so it will only work with Samsung phones, moreover, you will also need to have a device running Android 10.

Finally, although this functionality is in its early stages, but it’s make the browser Samsung Internet a second Browser after Firefox and Kiwi who supports add-ons for general purposes, and we hope here that the company is working with developers to get more plugins, or allow even users to install from the Chrome Web Store, such as Kiwi.

Download update browser Samsung Internet on Android.


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