Samsung caused a critical pressure and a Big Apple TV

I sent Samsung a strong and clear message to the world through products made by the last week, that “innovation is not dead” and that there is still new. Strange also that some of the reports indicate that the company Oppo China will for the first time advanced technology in a camera phone. Will the phone companies in competition resulting from new innovations and amazing? And what about Apple? the Did you have to wait until it is squeeze it and push it to pay to evaluate something new?

It can be said, that the greatest innovations of smart phones from Apple in recent years there arguing about it so much was the “price”. This is seen most clear. With reference to the back a little we find that Apple has abandoned the principle of using the phone with one hand, and to provide phones with big screen, partly due to the pressure on Apple to provide Samsung phones with big screens, and then added Apple TV some new features on the head system Face ID and augmented reality using water-Muji addition to getting rid of the Home button of iPhone X 2017 after it has changed form and appearance of the product itself too much, which impact significantly in the delayed sales of the iPhone in the recent period.

This is in addition to the very slow sales of smart phones in general because, inter alia, slow frequencies and the similarity between the smartphones, and also the Great Convergence in the technical specifications current compared to the generations immediately preceding it. This and other reasons the need for manufacturers to try and strive to provide striking innovations is working to attract users to experience those later models.

It is known to many that Samsung has at last Wednesday to disclose some important products on top phone Galaxy Fold in an attempt to convince consumers that the future is bright for each of the new innovations the company itself. Certainly not pass this event safely on the Apple, it has moved to the fore as rival Samsung first, waiting for a satisfactory response to the innovations of Samsung, and therefore increased pressure on Apple, since we have to respond not the same but the strongest of it. Will Apple this time to make something new, steals the spotlight from its rival Samsung?

Said Ben Stratton Forum have a channel Canalys CNN Business “the Samsung submit for Her Majesty my Fold to make Apple seem in an unenviable position and start the Apple TV is very bad next to this, and Samsung made a marketing tool is fantastic. This is in addition to that Samsung has proven they are a company that is constantly innovative, as a result, has made itself into an advanced position from its competitors who looked so slow about it”.

This high price of 1980 dollars, it is expected that the production of phone Galaxy Fold in small quantities, are likely to achieve significant sales. But analysts say it’s reply great on the Apple that did not provide the year, “dazzling” long said.

Said Rod Hall, an analyst at Goldman, foundation services, financial and investment American multinational, and of months banking institutions in the United States and the world, he said, “see that young women are folding a compelling factor, not only that, but this represents a big challenge for Apple, which may find itself unable to access to the OLED technology is flexible at the moment and Samsung has been able to advanced in this area at least two years, even facing the competition of similar.

In addition to the phone rollaway, Samsung introduced the Galaxy S10 5G latest version of series Galaxy S bestseller, The first phone that supports 5G. This non-technical fingerprint scan advanced ultrasonic built-in screen. Also a function to charge other phones of the same phone.

You may not have Apple phone folding despite owning a patent regarding this matter. This is reports that the technical support 5G may be delayed to 2020, so we had the Apple offer new devices is still worth buying and it is an attraction to consumers and investors alike.

It is worth mentioning, that in the first quarter of 2018, Apple announced a decrease of 15% in revenue for the iPhone during the holiday season. At that time, pointed out CEO Tim Cook to reasons including foreign exchange rates, and the programme to replace batteries, the low support provided from the network the phones for smart phones which in turn led to a decrease in sales of devices iPhone. And it is the also the focus of the Apple at investment increasingly in the service sector, such as providing more TV shows and launching a news service subscription.

Company Oppo the Chinese continue to progress and innovation

Company Oppo continues innovation and the first phone camera with optical zoom up to 10X with the camera three-dimensional, will be launched in the second quarter of this year.

The phone is equipped with three cameras, the background, basic HD 48 megapixel same focal length 16 mm, followed by Camera HD also at an angle of 120 degrees with focal length of 28 mm, with respect to the second camera comprising a lens close to the same focal length of 160 mm and thus the image is enlarged by about 10 times. This is the other specs are developed on the head 5G technology and others. You can watch the video:

Do you see that providing these new technologies represent a factor of significant pressure on the Apple TV? And do you see that Apple’s able to offer something different and more advanced? Tell us in the comments.


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