Samsung changed my mind. Company still Galaxy S8 will update to Android 10

The standard renewal period flagship smartphone is two years. During this time, the manufacturer is obliged to produce for a unit at least two new versions of Android, and then has the right to terminate the update. Most vendors usually do so within the established framework, because it does not consider it necessary to spend time and money on further support. And that though as-that to justify to users, refer to underperforming hardware two – and three-year devices, which allegedly unable to pull conventional night theme and changed the layout of the interface.

Galaxy S8 by the standards of the market of Android smartphones is already quite old, but Samsung has decided to extend his support

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Samsung for the first time in many years, will release not two, but three updates for one of its flagships. They will be Galaxy S8, which will receive support Android 10. About that learned a user from Germany who approached the German representative office of Samsung in order to Express their dissatisfaction with the lack of updates for your smartphone. He wrote that he could not grasp why such a productive smartphone like Galaxy S8 will not receive the latest version of the operating system and left without support.

When will Android 10 for Galaxy S8

Response Samsung, if you believe the content of the screenshot, surprised user so much that he decided to share it with everyone. In a response letter he received said that the Galaxy S8 will still receive Android 10, although was not specified when it would happen. The company explained that the update requires time for optimization, so wait for the release in the coming months is not worth it. The fact that Samsung has some newer models that update supposed before. However, encouraged in the company, do not despair, because Galaxy S8 will still get your update.

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Despite the fact that to explain the change of attitude Samsung is quite difficult, actually, to extend the period of support Galaxy S8 is not unusual. Most likely, high-performance hardware and advanced smartphone functionality is simply not possible for the company to discontinue to update it. In addition, note that for a long time, and Galaxy S8, and S9 and S10 functioned on the basis of the same firmware under the name One UI that provided their performance in the identical level.

How updated Android smartphones

Samsung – got to give her credit – not for the first time trying to extend the renewal period of their smartphones. A year earlier, the company was at least testing the Android Pie 9 for Galaxy S7 Galaxy S7 Edge for several months. Despite this, the update for smartphones the seventh series was never released. Whether a performance update has left much to be desired on smartphones at the time three years ago, whether in the plans of Samsung did not have to release a new version of the OS for these devices, and the tests were conducted only for internal purpose.

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If Samsung really release a 10 Android for Galaxy S8, most likely, the update will be released for Galaxy Note 8. But will is clearly not before the middle of next year. Anyway, if Samsung is planning to release update for Galaxy S9 only closer to spring, so the owners of “eights” is to focus on the summer period. But even if the update is delayed, the output can inaugurate a new stage in the development of Samsung and be a good example for its competitors.

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