Samsung chargers new wireless for the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Watch 2


Today was the monitoring devices new wireless charging of Samsung which get the authentication authority contacts the FBI, one will be designed on the most likely Galaxy Note 10, and the other will be designed for a smart watch Galaxy Watch 2.

Wireless charger your new phone Galaxy Note 10 carrying the Code Name EP-N5200, and it will be similar to that of the EP-P5200 the Samsung filing with the series phones Galaxy S10 Series. It was a double charger is able to output a total power of 15W. Specifically, it has been able to output Energy strongly 10W in the case of smartphones and firmly 5W in the case of smart watches.

Rumored that a Wireless Charger EP-N5200 will output Energy strongly 20W, and is likely to include a roll of two brass two people unlike the Charger EP-N5100 which includes a roll of copper only one. Regardless of the wireless charger, we have heard that the phone Galaxy Note 10 will have a battery with a capacity of 4170mAh supports Quick Charging strongly 25W.

As for the wireless charger II, who was spotted today at the site of the body of the FCC, it carries the Code Name EP-OR825. This tea is designed likely for the smart watch Galaxy Watch 2, which is now known by the name of the symbolic Renaissance.

Samsung recently logged two brands ” Touch Bezel ” and ” Touch Wheel“, the two component of the two possible for smart Galaxy Watch 2. As you probably know, the day of Galaxy Watch the current comprising a framework capable of rotation allows the users to control the interface of the system, while we don’t see any controls on the framework of the Galaxy Watch Active. Thus, it seems Touch Bezel as a solution broker so that you get sensitive to the touch shop window removable rotation.


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