Samsung choose a new phone with Android Go launch it in selected markets

Galaxy J2 Pro

Google announced Android Go last year, which is considered as a light version of the Android main specially designed for use in smart phones, which include specification of low-tech like 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal memory. The system has been improved Android Go applications associated with the consumption of less amount of data and resources of the device to provide a usage experience good even on devices low spec. The company ZTE is among the first companies to release a phone with Android Go, it seems that Samsung is working turn on your Android phone Go own.

Wasn’t Google part of the Android One from Google, although they have not confirmed whether they will launch a phone powered by Android Go, the reports say that the South Korean company have one already that is currently under development.

Been reached after the monitoring of a new phone by Samsung in the tests of the performance carries the code name SM-J260G note that the information included in the tests reveal that this phone uses a processor name of ” Universal7570_Go“, featuring 1GB of RAM, and these indicators enough that this phone is running Android Go

According to reports, it appears that Samsung choose her new smart phone with Android Go in four different markets, namely Nepal, Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka. It is actually that you Samsung launch phone its first smartphone with Android Go in these markets where it is usually the launch of the smartphones flowing.

It remains to be seen whether Samsung will bring her Smart Phone with Android Go to other markets, especially Western markets. With the launch of ZTE’s first Android phone Go in the United States of America, you may want to Samsung in the Get part of the cake yourself also.



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