Samsung choose Android 10 phones Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9

Started Samsung today officially in the broadcast update demo for Android 10 phones Galaxy Note 9, phone Galaxy the S 9 and S-9 Plus after began to experience the same update for the Note 10 and the series phones Galaxy S10.

The update began to reach for the participants in the trial version in the home country of South Korea where it received the mission update Beta One UI 2.0 and there wasn’t any information about the states that will test the update during the next period.

Waiting to submit the update of all the advantages of Android 10 like Night Mode and hurt data in addition to the advantages that add the Samsung interface periodically with some modifications on the area of the notices, phone lists, and from the inside.

In case you get to deal with the problems of the trial version you can access for the update and try it now, but as always we recommend being until the arrival of the update, pregnant women, single for all users.


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