Samsung choose Android eBay phones Galaxy S 9 (photo)

Gorilla Glass 6 in Galaxy Note 9

There were some leaked images of the new version of the interface Samsung Experience 10 UI according to Android version Bay 9.0 was told they are on the phone model Galaxy S-9.

Without a doubt, Samsung is not the best company when it comes to bringing updates and new software to its smart phones, but it seems that the competition created by Chinese companies in recent years prompted Samsung to reconsider its conduct on this subject.

Android Pie Galaxy S9 test leaked

According to a report published by the website SamMobile Samsung is already testing version Android Bay 9.0 on its smart phones Galaxy S 9 Galaxy S-9 Plus in all states, which means that Samsung is serious about updating its phones leading in a short time.

Likely that Samsung does not have a pilot program for the Android system Bay which means they may bring a final update directly to users via the updated antenna in all countries of the world. This news does not mean that the Galaxy S9/S9 Plus you will get a new operating system very soon, but it will take some time and may not be done until the beginning of next year.

What is your impression of this news? Do you expect to up Android Pie to some phones Galaxy soon?!

The Samsung choose Android eBay phones Galaxy S 9 (photo) was first deployed in the are.

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