Samsung choose to paint self-healing for a bottle of smart phones

Not enough to be smart phones specifications strong, but daily use in various conditions require to be robust too, so move industry companies phones to provide the best techniques to do so.

And that provided the company Samsung in the month of February 2017 a request to get the rights to the patented what is known as paint false for decoration, but it has that same healing to be applied to the glass cover of the mobile devices, has acquired the rights this month by the World Intellectual Property Organization.

It offers the coating as a “film” or “plate” with chemical compounds such as silsesquioxane polyhedral and polyrotaxane, with reference to that paint false for decoration is not new, but it used a long time with smart phones prevent the appearance of fingerprints, but what distinguishes the coating of the Samsung that it is self healing.

Some may think that this coating will help in the re-healing of glass phones that break, the truth is that the self-healing coating means that the user will not insure the appearance of fingerprints and always in the shadow of the corrosion to the coating with prolonged use of the smartphone, or in the event of a scratch.

With the increasing number of Samsung smartphones that you choose the design the glass with a metal frame, it would be logical to start the company in the application of the coating Kar oil last long on their laptops.

What do you think about patent new Samsung? Do you see it useful? Let me know in the comments.

The Samsung choose to paint self-healing for a bottle of smart phones were first deployed in the are.

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