Samsung completed development of the Exynos processor with 5nm

Samsung announced that it successfully completed the development of the next generation of processors Exynos by 5nm, and is willing to ship samples, and it is characterized by better efficiency by 25% with reduction in energy consumption by 20%, or higher performance by 10% for the same energy, depends of the processor on the same process of lithography EUV resists will be manufactured in the foundry in Hwaseong.

Recall that the plant will increase its production capacity by the second half of this year, to increase production again in early 2020.

In addition to the treatment with the technique of 5nm, the Samsung also on the processors of its development in Europe with 6nm in collaboration with some of its customers, the best guess we have is that they operate on a less expensive version of The Wizard 5nm to be suitable for their products available.

Source: samsung

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