Samsung confirmed that the phone rollaway Galaxy Fold will be available in limited numbers


One of the rumors that we have heard about the phone rollaway Galaxy Fold before the announcement about it is that it will be available in limited numbers so that we heard at the time that the company Samsung plans to produce 100 thousand units only from this phone. Well, it turns out now that those rumors were true, at least this is indicated by the center of the products and strategies of the business in the branch of Samsung in the United Kingdom, Mrs. kate Beaumont in an interview with website The Verge.

According to kate Beaumont, has confirmed that Samsung will manufacture a smaller number of units than the Galaxy Fold compared with the Galaxy S10 so I stated : ” We will have units less units of the Galaxy S10 opposition at all, and also how their access to market is very important for us. “ However, it is still unclear as is the number of units which the company plans to Samsung Display for sale of the Galaxy Fold, although previous rumors suggested the sale of 100 thousand units only, but the number may be greater or less.

It is not surprising that Samsung is making the Galaxy A Fold is available in limited numbers. There are several reasons for this, but it remains the most important reason the most coveted is the cost exorbitant, and the cost of manufacture of this phone is high which makes the company have the pricing at a very high price. Moreover, it is possible that the process of the production of this phone is a bit complicated. Also, given that he is yet to test smart phones folding, we don’t know how will be the demand for them, so it makes sense to try Samsung keep the initial inventory is low to prevent herself from sitting on thousands of units unsold.

However, it may be difficult to sell the Galaxy Fold, it costs about $ 2,000 which makes it one of the most expensive smartphones in the market today. Therefore, it is difficult to pay this much money to get a new technology has not been tested yet.


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