Samsung confirms in a statement to the press to support hundreds of applications Galaxy Fold

Phone started Samsung folding Galaxy Fold in the tee to the markets gradually to be the first version for the Korean giant in this category, and today Samsung has also confirmed in a press release to support hundreds of applications, the Galaxy Fold, and between these applications all come from a Twitter application, and office from Microsoft.

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There is no doubt that the experience of the phones folding completed with the support of various applications along with the operating system of this design, who needs to design flexible application interface to achieve the full advantage to the users, in the official press release from Samsung the company confirmed to support a wide range of applications of the Galaxy Fold.

I have confirmed the Google Inc over the past year that the Android operating system 10 comes with support for multi-tasking on the screen to comply with the new design for this category.

Among the applications that support the Samsung Galaxy Fold all of the applications of Microsoft Office suite including Word and outlook, along with other apps like Twitter, Spotify, and iHeartRadio, Facebook, and Amazon Prime Video, and also VSCO, along with hundreds of applications in Google Play.

It is planned to support these applications the user interface software is flexible and can be switched from the big screen to the small screen in the phone Experience series, also applies to the phone in the US market later this month.


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