Samsung confirms that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will get the design “very important”

Given that the Galaxy S10 associated with the Samsung will be celebrating 10 years of the launch of the first Galaxy S, and Galaxy S9 came as an update a minor one compared to the Galaxy S8, hoping many fans of the Korean company to complain about her phone flagship next year’s paradigm shift.

Now came the head of the department Mobile have Samsung, player.Ji. Cohen, the statements may feel lovers the company with some optimism, noting that the changes to the design of the Galaxy S10 “very important”.

And did not enter the Koh in the details of these changes, it is likely that he was referring to the general design of a Samsung phone company, the light of the law when compared with the Galaxy S9, which never varies in its design from the Galaxy S8.

While it is not expected to come Galaxy S10 with a radical change in the design, such as the first foldable phone perpetrator of Samsung, believes that it will be a design similar to phones Galaxy S recently, with the increase in screen size and some other changes.

It is expected to be the Galaxy S10 first phone from Samsung with 3 cameras background. He assured Cohen that the phone coming built “stunning” colors, so I would expect to be asked the phone in a new color no longer.

What do you expect for the design of the Galaxy S10 to be? Let me know in the comments.

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