Samsung continue to dominate the tea market and by a comfortable margin too, وBOE continue to grow

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Kept Samsung the office first in the tea market during the first quarter of 2019, at least according to a recent report by the institution IHS Markit specialized in market research. Charging South Korean company screens worth of 3.4 billion USD, accounting for 40.2 percent of the total market, but a decrease of 6.6 percent compared with the same period last year.

Stayed company Japan Display ranked third with a market share of 12.3 percent, while the company was BOE of the biggest gainers, it has doubled its market share to nearly 11.9 percent. In fact, predicts a foundation, IHS, Markit announced that the BOE will overtake easily on the company Japan Display in the second quarter of this year to achieve that ranked second in the overall standings.

Coverage of the data issued from the institution IHS Markit market screens entirely, but analysts reveal that the main reason to keep the Samsung initiative is OLED screens intended for smartphones and not leading. Trying to many companies using OLED screens in smart phones, because they operate with the sensor of the fingerprint which is placed the bottom of the screen.

If we removed LCD TVs from the equation and we talked about OLED screens only, the Samsung don’t face any challenge practically, they sell more than 80 percent of all OLED screens. Its main competitor in this area are BOE and LG, I have doubled the company’s first market share due to sales of Huawei Mate 20 Pro impressive.

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