Samsung decrease the rate of production of processors Exynos by about 10% in light of the trade dispute between South Korea and Japan

Exynos 9810

At the beginning of this month, the imposition of Japan’s restrictions on its exports of chemicals to South Korea used in the production of screens and semiconductors. As a result, claims a new report from South Korean news agency The Korea Herald that Samsung is working to reduce the production of processors Exynos 9825 by about 10% which would in turn slow down the rate of production of the Galaxy Note 10.

According to the official Samsung which are not disclosed his name, you will be compensated the slow progress in the production of processors in the coming months. He explained specialists in the sector, also that Samsung will be forced to re-schedule production plans Galaxy Note 10 due to the decrease in supply of chemicals like hydrogen fluoride which is vital in the process of production of processors and chips were.

As a result, the vice-president of Samsung, Mr. Lee Jae-yong a quick visit to Japan to meet with suppliers of ingredients and try to find a solution to the dispute the commercial emerging. It is currently scheduled to advertise the Galaxy Note 10 on the seventh day of August next, while confirmed earlier reports that the phone will reach the shelves of stores in South Korea and the United States of America on the 23rd day of August.


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