Samsung denies claims it is related to slow down its smart phones the old

Galaxy s8+

The company denied Samsung’s allegations that she slowed down the smart phones, the old deliberately. The company has already reported a few weeks ago, they do not say such practices to support their customers to upgrade to its smart phones newer, but an investigation was opened against her in Italy based on user reports. According to Samsung, it has stated by saying :

” Samsung does not provide updates aimed at reducing the performance of the product over the life cycle of the device, we will cooperate fully with the Italian body for the competition in their investigation in order to clarify the facts. “

Apple, which admitted that they actually slow down the phones iPhone old deliberately faced several legal troubles and regulatory in the United States of America, France, and Italy, but Samsung continues to investigate only in Italy until now. The cause of low performance in the case of Samsung is not clear at the moment.

In the case of iPhone, it has reported Apple as you slow down phones iPhone old deliberately when the battery is degraded is able to keep up with the power and speed of the processor, and therefore the company is slowing down the Processor Speed to conform with the present current of the battery to avoid ended RAM of the device.

While still Apple is trading on its position, it made a formal apology to customers because of the way they handled the case, and promised to give users the ability to monitor the health of the batteries of their devices in the next updates.


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