Samsung developed a system of smart to your TV through the blood brain

Revealed Samsung Electronics Samsung on a prototype television developed can be controlled by brain signals, a control system that targets with physical disabilities, such as quadriplegia. Came the announcement Samsung during its conference for developers, held last Thursday in San Francisco, United States of America.

Samsung said that its project, which is known participation of the Pontas Project Pontis, is designed to enable users to fully control the Samsung TVs using their minds, the project has been started Samsung to develop the intelligent control system this since 3 months in Switzerland, in partnership with the Center for Neural Engineering in the school of Ministry arts EPFL.

And was able Samsung collect samples of the behavior of the brain and analysis in order to build the model clearly explains the signals from the brain and act on the meaning of them, and by the creation of a smart application for automatic control, the system can identify the seats of eye movements brain waves of the users.

Recall that Samsung is working on more sophisticated models of the control system by intelligent preparation to start tested in Swiss hospitals by next year 2019.

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