Samsung developed processor capabilities, “state”

Dart rumors about Samsung’s processor Graphics, the new identity of her some time ago, despite the lack of any detail, which may hinder the existence of a contract between Samsung and arm to use processors and graphics Mali chip Exynos, but according to the report, EETimes, Samsung has worked hard on the long stage of the empirical models so developed a processor charges its own with exceptional performance, fits many uses, which include smart phones, and even supercomputers.

Samsung has developed a groundbreaking mobile GPU, will it debut on the Galaxy Note 9?

According to the report, was the development of the Samsung processor graphics with the help of Xin ping Lu, who has worked before on graphics processors built-in side before moving to buy MediaTek to work on the areas of the phones graphical before moving to Samsung.

Says analyst Jon peddie, who posted processor Samsung’s graphics for the first time, that this processor is the first new design for information graphics since 10 years, which means that Samsung will Apple TV directly, where the latter also working on the development of the treatment fee.

Expected to see the wizard new graphic in one of the company phones bearing chips the Exynos, although it is not clear yet if Samsung will license this technology to other companies or not.

This is the report referred to the ability of the new processor to achieve a new level of performance versus energy through the use of architecture collects the number of instructions in one group can be executed in one cycle instead of relying on the instructions long for additional treatments.

Samsung has developed a groundbreaking mobile GPU, will it debut on the Galaxy Note 9?

Recall that some recent rumors have indicated for Note 9 upcoming processor graphics separate custom games, which may be pure coincidence, although it is also possible that this means the presence of processor and graphic exceptional in Note 9 to the next, but still the probability is very small.

Source: EETimes

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