Samsung developed the chip for the car Tesla self-driving, according to a new report

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Self-driving cars are one of the technologies that are with a lot of care in recent years, we are seeing many of the significant technical intervention to this market as well as companies specialized in the automotive industry. Among the companies the of the major which decided to enter to the market of self-driving cars mention Google and Baidu and Apple, for example, but not limited to, but now a new report from South Korea suggests that Samsung is planning to turn to enter this market as well.

The report from the news agency, the Korea Herald cites sources not to disclose their names saying that the company Samsung is developing a chip for self-driving cars, and they are already working with a company Tesla on this technology. The same report also that Samsung you employ software engineers and specialists in the techniques of self-driving to be part of a new section in the South Korean company.

However, the report indicates that with respect to the company Samsung, the official position is denial, they are denied many of the rumors about its plans to create a new section specializing in the development of the technology of self-driving or the ingredients used in this type of car, such as chips that have been mentioned earlier. However, if this report is accurate, it is expected to start the Samsung company in the year 2019 in the mass production of these chips for use in cars Tesla Model 3.

As we have said, it was Samsung deny ongoing rumors, but at the same time because my rival Samsung, including the company LG is targeting this segment of the market, we wouldn’t be surprised in case if the company decided to Samsung to enter this market too in the end.


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