Samsung development assistant Baker my house. cheap


The company has the technical requirements to launch two versions of their assistance in home audio, as well as Samsung when it launches the headphones and Galaxy Home where the will come with a mini version and cheaper of her voice Baker.

Will Assistant Samsung home audio New second edition, Baker, who worked in the company on the introduction of significant improvements in language processing live response time with the technique of noise reduction built-in, as well as understanding the context of questions cascading, and also can provide suggestions based on the searches.

When Samsung unveiled the first Galaxy Home in August last stated that he will use the technique of audio AKG with a subwoofer and eight microphones to capture better sound.

Samsung’s entry to this market with a device based on statistics that show continuous growth in the aid market home audio where jumped annual sales increased by 137% to reach 19.7 million devices sold compared with 8.3 device sold during the second quarter of the current year and the past, is expected to reach annual sales total to 100 million devices, which is twice last year’s sales.

Is expected to reach a market size of devices and assistance Voice home to 30 million over the next five years, and Samsung wants to be a major player alongside Google, Apple, Amazon and others.

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